FPB Foundation

FPB Foundation

Anxious to contribute to the reconstruction of Haiti, the board of Directors of the FPB Group thought it necessary to create the FPB FOUNDATION.

FPB FOUNDATION was born on December 20, 2011 with a dual purpose: Contribute to improving the living conditions of Haiti’s Youth and actively participate in the preservation and / or restoration of the environment. The Foundation acts wherever it deems necessary and feasible, including in crisis situations or emergencies.

FPB Fondation


1, Rue Barbancourt Route de l’Aéroport
Delmas, Haiti HT 6120


28 13 04 40 / 47 88 91 60


[email protected]


FPB FOUNDATION works to advance the cause of Education and Environmental Protection by educating, informing, guiding and forming the Haitian youth.


FPB FOUNDATION acts through Education and Protection of the Environment to help achieve sustainable local and national development. Education being the main driver of growth and development, the success of this initiative depends on its ability to mobilize on the ground all the individual partners or groups concerned.

Our Values

Freedom, Respect, Solidarity, Fairness and Integrity are the pillars upon which the FPB FOUNDATION’s actions and commitments are founded.


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